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Followup LA: No Charges for Mark Gaspard in Celestino Shooting

A Pointe Coupee Parish grand jury on Friday declined to indict a 25-year-old Batchelor man who was facing a manslaughter charge for fatally shooting the man who had threatened to kill his fiancée's sister.

Mark Anthony Gaspard, 8328 La. 418, Batchelor, shot Mario Celestino in the head Feb. 15 in Innis outside the home of Gaspard's fiancée.

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IN: Man Fires Warning Shots at Intruders

While on the phone with 9-1-1 dispatchers, the caller said they had fired warning shots to scare off people trying to get into their house.

Authorities arrived and located all parties involved.

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KS: Second Amendment Rights Restored to Public Employees on 1 July

Kansas has come a long way in restoring Second Amendment rights.  In 1905, it lead the "progressive" pack when the State Supreme Court concocted the myth of a "collective" Second Amendment right that only applied to state militias.  100 years later, in 2005, it went from banning the concealed carry of arms to a shall issue permit system.  Ten years later, it removed the requiement for a permit, restoring a semblance of permitless or "Constitutional" carry. On one July, 2016, it restored the legal ability of public employees to exercise their Second Amendment rights while on the job. From
Public employees will be able to travel the streets of Wichita and other Kansas cities with concealed firearms starting Friday.

Empowering state and municipal workers to conceal and carry on the job is one of many new laws passed by the Legislature that take effect July 1.

Among others: a shortening of the time someone can receive welfare, transparency reforms and a ban on use of tanning beds by people under 18.

HB 2502 will enable public employees, except school employees, to conceal and carry on the job without any gun safety training. They were already allowed to carry in public office buildings in most cases, but this change enables them to carry weapons when they go out into the community on official business.
It is hard to see why school employees should be singled out for discrimination.  Why should children be chosen as a group that must remain undefended? The answer to this question comes from the strategy of those who oppose an armed population.  The premise was pushed that more guns equal less safety.  It sounds somewhat plausible on its face.  But the statistics and facts do not back it up.

The number of guns in America have nearly doubled while the number of murders have fallen over the last 22 years (1993 to 2014.  Expressed as rates, the per capita number of guns has increased by 33% (.89 to 1.176) while the murder rate has decreased by 54% (9.8 to 4.5), per 100,000.

The argument that more guns means more gun accidents does not hold for fatal gun accidents.  The rate of gun accidents has dropped by 91% (1.84 to .16 per 100,000) while the per capita number of guns has tripled (.351 to 1.148)(1945 to 2013).

That leaves suicides, which most people do not see as a significant issue, as there are numerous substitute methods.  The percentage of suicides with guns has decreased by 16% while the per capita number of guns has increased by 56% (1981 - 2014).

School employees have been singled out because anti-Second Amendment stratigists claim "its for the children" and conflate adults who have guns with children having access to guns. It is an easy slip of logic for those who do not examine the issue closely.  The long term strategy is to teach children that guns are bad.  They are so bad, that we do not allow them in schools.

It is not working.  When children grow up, they want to try things they have been deprived of.  Millennials are not adverse to guns.

The concealed carry movement swept the country over the last 30 years. The number of people with carry permits increased geometrically.  At the same time, accidents with guns, murders with guns, and the percentage of suicides with guns have all fallen.  Records kept on carry permit holders show that they are far more responsible than non-permit holders.

Legislatures have responded to grass roots pressures by restoring more and more Second Amendment rights that were infringed during the "progressive" era.

Public employees are one of that last groups to regain their rights, because they were one of the most easily stripped of them.  A mere change in the terms of employment was required.  No legislation needed to have been passed.

With members of the public armed, often visibly, public employees asked why they should be deprived of their rights.  No one can reasonably explain why, so their rights are also being restored.  Numerous counties have preceded Kansas in restoring these rights; I expect other states will follow.

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MO: Armed 77-Year-Old Woman Drives off two Burglars

HILLSBORO, Mo. ( – Two burglars in Jefferson County found themselves staring down the barrel of a shotgun held by an elderly woman and are lucky to be alive to tell about it, police say.
Early in the morning on July 17, a 77-year-old woman heard a noise in her house in the area of Rock Creek Road and Highway 30, detectives say.

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More on AK: Palmer Home Invasion Shooting

PALMER, Alaska - Authorities say a Palmer man was shot after two suspects broke into his home by crawling through a window early Thursday morning. Alaska State Troopers say the homeowner confronted the two men with a gun. Troopers say the homeowner was shot in the arm by one of the intruders.

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TX: Elderly Armed Homeowner Shoots Man to stop Home Invasion

An elderly man said he was forced to shoot an intruder who was attempting to break into his home despite warnings to go away.Police said the man and his wife were at the home on Autumn Dew on the Northwest Side shortly before 10 a.m. when a man in his 40's tried to break into the house.

The couple called 911 and yelled demands at the intruder to stop.

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SC: Great Grandmother Beaten in Home Invasion, Accesses Gun, Shoots Attacker

According to the report, the burglary happened Sunday around 9 p.m. Ring said her neighbor was at her home when the suspects rushed inside.

She said her neighbor, a 78-year-old man, tried to stopped them and was severely beaten. The woman said her 9-year-old foster daughter and infant great-granddaughter were at home with her when the incident occurred.

"They pulled the drawers out and threw them over the bed while the kids were standing in the corner of the bedroom," Ring said.

She added the the male suspect pushed her to the floor, but she managed to get up and make it to her bedroom where she kept a gun.

"I said, 'You want to play with guns?'" Ring said as she demonstrated how she pointed the weapon at the suspects.

Ring said when she shot the suspect, he fell against the refrigerator in the kitchen and both took off.

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OH: Open Carry at the RNC: Exactly as Expected. No Problems

Open carry in Cleveland Ohio at the Republican National Convention has been hyped by those that want to disarm the population.  A scam petition was created to open carry inside the convention floor.  It was run by a "progressive" to create problems for Second Amendment supporters.  It did not last for long or fool many. The Quicken Loans location is a private concern.

Then the head of the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association published a hysterical rant about how the Constitution need not apply.  He wanted the citizenry disarmed. From
"We are sending a letter to Gov. Kasich requesting assistance from him. He could very easily do some kind of executive order or something -- I don't care if it's constitutional or not at this point," Stephen Loomis, president of Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association, told CNN. "They can fight about it after the RNC or they can lift it after the RNC, but I want him to absolutely outlaw open-carry in Cuyahoga County until this RNC is over."  
Governor Kasich showed much more class and understanding of limited government, the separation of powers and Constitutionally protected rights.  He said no, he did not have the power to do so.

Senator Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio, thought the Governor could do something, after all it was an emergency!  At least when he was talking to the Police Union. From

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Sen. Sherrod Brown has joined the call for Gov. John Kasich to suspend Ohio's open carry law during the Republican National Convention this week.

"I would hope that the governor would listen to the police union and suspend conceal and open carry in Ohio, in Cleveland, during this convention," Brown said in an appearance in Cincinnati, as reported by BuzzFeed.
Open Carriers showed up, just as they promised.  They did not bother anyone, they caused no trouble.  They simply exercised their Constitutional rights. From
 Standing with their legs wide apart, their holstered guns on their hips or thighs, a handful of Donald Trump supporters decided to assert their Second Amendment rights at the America First rally in Cleveland’s riverside Settlers Landing Park on July 18, the first day of the Republican National Convention–just like they promised they would before the event.

Clayton Allen, 21, walked right up to the 8-foot fence surrounding the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

He drove from Kentucky and he stood out from the crowd because he had a handgun strapped to his hip.

"I open-carry all the time," Allen said. "The Republican convention would not be the exception."
Open carriers at the RNC worked out exactly as Second Amendment Supports predicted.  No problems.  No one shot.  Not one open carrier arrested. Governor Mary Fallin from Oklahoma reitterated  what Governor Kasich had stated earlier.  From

The Governors probably had to say that they took the Police Union President's concerns seriously.  I suppose it it the political thing to do.  But there really were no concerns that deserved serious consideration.  Open carry has been legal in Ohio since it was a state.  It has never been a problem.  It has been done in 90% of the states without a problem.  Open carriers are far more law abiding than the general population.  They are just people who are serious about standing up for their rights.

Near the end of the Convention, the Police Chief, who did not make a big deal about open carry,  was questioned. From
As for the issue of Ohio's open-carry law, the chief said that it really hadn't been an issue at all. "Nobody’s been arrested or has challenged the things we asked them to do," he said.
That was what was expected by people who understand the reality of open carry in the United States.  That was what happened.  And that is the way that it should be.  The Constitution means things.  Rights are not to be done away with by executive orders.  Ordered liberty supports and protects civilizaiton, it does not threaten it.

The are many things for police to be worried about in todays society.  Open carry is not a serious concern.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

VA: Man Breaks Through Locked Door, is Shot

Deputies from the Frederick County Sheriff's Office responded to a home on Klines Mill road around 4.A.M Thursday for reports of and unwanted man in on someone's porch.

When the deputies got there, officials said the man ran around to the back of the house, and forced his way through a locked door.

Once the intruder was inside, the resident shot him, authorities said.

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SC: Domestic Defense Man Shoots Son to Stop Arson

Multiple media outlets reported that 31-year-old Felton Wayne Swindler doused himself with gasoline and tried to set himself and the house on fire Tuesday morning. Richland County Sheriff's spokeswoman Brittany Scott says Swindler's father shot him to prevent the fires.
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Followup MS: No Charges for Armed Person who Shot Aggressive Auto Burglar

"This individual that was shot is an alleged suspect involved in an auto burglary at this location," said Commander Tyree Jones. "At some point in the cause of the auto burglary, a business or worker at this location approached the individual armed with a handgun advising him to stop."

Police say at that point the teen didn't stop and instead lunged at the armed business owner.

"At some point there was a struggle between the victim and the individual armed with a gun and the victim was shot," added Commander Jones. "We have detained for questioning at this time the individual that shot the 17 year old. He is at police headquarters being interviewed as we speak."

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Doublespeak: Columnist Claims Protecting the Second Amendment Diminishes the First

In a column In the Tampa Bay Times, a writer makes the claim that a law to protect the Second Amendment diminishes the First Amendment.  It is a stretch.  The statute, passed by the Florida legislature in 2011, makes it illegal for local governments to pass regulations and ordinances dealing with guns, gun possession, anything to  do with guns. The law was passed because politicians in large urban centers persistently ignored the previous preemption law.  Local ordinances and regulations created a patchwork of firearms law to entrap any Floridians who exercised their Second Amendment rights.

The columnist referred to a St. Petersburg Councilwoman, Lisa Wheeler-Bowman, who wanted to pass a resolution supporting a special legislative session dealing with restricting Second Amendment Rights.  She was told that such a resolution, because it dealt with guns, might be illegal. It might subject her to fines or a lawsuit. It probably would not, but there was a remote possibility. 

The preemption statute did not interfere with her First Amendment rights at all.  It hindered her power to pass a resolution, to take official action as member of a governmental body.  The First Amendment does not protect governments.  It protects people.  She can talk about the Second Amendment all she wishes.  Governments have powers.  People have rights. From
When City Attorney Jacqueline Kovilaritch alerted Wheeler-Bowman to the potential ramifications of passing even a non-binding resolution related to firearms, she said she decided to pull the discussion from today's agenda.

This isn't the first time common sense has been stifled by this NRA-supported law. This was the same law that cops around the state once said left them powerless to shut down backyard gun ranges.
Passing resolutions about guns may or may not be covered under the preemption law.  If politicians want to talk about guns, they can talk about guns all they want.  Using their governmental power to legislate about guns has been placed out of bounds by the Florida legislature, and for good reason.

Our government is meant to be limited in its power.  That is what checks and balances are all about.  Local governments are not supposed to infringe on Constitutionally protected rights.  It is reasonable and responsible for state governments to protect those rights.

When I tuned into the St. Petersburg City Council, there was a woman reading a statement calling for more restrictions on Second Amendment rights.  Her First Amendment rights did not seem impaired at all.  "Progressives" deliberately confuse individual rights with government powers.  Limiting government power does not limit individual rights.

Governments are frequently attacking the First Amendment rights of Second Amendment supporters.  California forbids gunshops to display a picture of a handgun outside of the shop.  In several cities, Second Amendment supporters have had to sue city governments to allow advertising for firearms on city venues.  Alan Korwin recently won one of these lawsuits in Phoenix.  Local government representative and anti-Second Amendment activists applied political pressure to force an airport to take down an advertisement for guns in Columbia, SC.

In Texas, three anti-Second Amendment professors claimed that exercising Second Amendment rights (even while concealed!) inhibited their First Amendment rights.  Having First Amendment rights does not mean that you can infringe on others rights because you suffer from a phobia.  If someone is afraid of crowds, they may refrain from speaking in front of one.  The people in the crowd's right to assembly is not restricting their First Amendment right.  The person's own phobia is.

Limiting government power is designed to protect individual rights.  Limiting the power of local governments to infringe on the Second Amendment does not limit the First Amendment right of any individual.

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Followup CT: Murder Charge Dropped against Man with Carry Permit

Twenty-six-year-old Kenneth Reid had turned himself in to police March 28. He told investigators he shot 34-year-old Larry Williams of New Britain in self-defense after Williams pulled a shotgun on him during an arranged sale of Reid's sunglasses. Reid has a valid firearms permit.

The Hartford Courant reports that prosecutor Vicki Melchiorre told a judge Wednesday in Hartford that evidence reviewed by the state in the case is consistent with Reid's self-defense claim.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

NV: Armed Victim Wounded in Gunfight

The shooting happened about 4:45 a.m. after two men approached the victim in his vehicle in the parking lot of the hotel near Harmon Avenue and Paradise Road, police said.

The men tried to rob him with firearms, but the victim pulled out a gun of his own and shot at them, police said.
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NV: Armed Customer Shoots, Kills 1 of 2 Assailants

When the attackers directed their attention to the patron, the victim pulled out a gun and exchanged fire with the attackers, police said. One of the attackers died at the scene, and the armed employee was grazed in the head, police said.

The other attacker, who was not wounded, sped away in a gold Cadillac Escalade, which was spotted by officers about a mile north on Flamingo Road, McGrath said.
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Anti-Second Amendment Groups Seek Camouflage to Sell Infringments

Those who seek to disarm the public have always had a hidden agenda.  In the middle and early 60's the assault was more open.  With each new assault the public grew more educated and the fallacies of the anti-Second Amendment arguments were exposed. As public support waned, those who hate an empowered public, have grown more desparate and more disingenuous.

In 1976, Pete Shields was open about his desire for a general confiscation:
  "The first problem is to slow down the increasing number of handguns being produced and sold in this country. The second is to get handguns registered. And the final problem is to make the possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition – except for the military, policemen, licensed security guards, licensed sporting clubs, and licensed gun collectors – totally illegal."
In the 1970's, the idea that England and Wales had low crime rates because of gun restrictions seemed plausible.  Then we learned that crime rates had risen as more and more controls were applied.  Each new push for more infringements has been met with data and facts showing the lack of rationality behind the hatred of an armed population.

The latest push is for "Universal Background Checks" (UBCs). UBCs are a precursor to the registration that Pete Shields desired. Any legislation that allows for background checks without recording gun serial numbers and personal data is shot down by those who push UBCs.

Politico reveals the preparation for another round of "rebranding"; changing labels without changing the product. From
With that in mind, representatives from a broad mix of progressive groups sat around a table last week at the Washington offices of Global Strategy Group, where they received a tutorial on how — and how not — to talk about guns. Leading the lesson were top officials from Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC, the campaign wing of the group Giffords and Kelly founded after the Sandy Hook massacre.

For example, groups seeking tighter gun laws have been trying to get away from the “gun control” label since well before ARS started testing for a new messaging strategy last year. Better options, they say, are “gun violence prevention” and “preventing gun tragedies.”

"We've stepped away from a debate about guns that was sort of postured pro-gun or against-gun,” said Peter Ambler, the PAC’s executive director, “into one that’s centered around data-tested ideas like the background checks that we know increased public safety and save lives, but don't sort of disapprove of the individual gun owner and don't disapprove of the responsible use of firearms in society.”

And while Hillary Clinton promised to “keep taking on the NRA” in October, she should maybe stop, according to ARS’ findings, and instead take on the “gun lobby.”
When Peter Ambler is talking about "data-tested" ideas, he is not talking about restrictive gun legislation that has been tested and found to reduce crime. That hasn't happened. I supect he is talking about polling data and focus groups that are aimed at finding what combinations of words work best to trick people into voting for something they otherwise would not.

These strategies can work in the short term. But people in today's data savy environment can determine who is lying to them pretty quickly. It doesn't take long to develop a sense of credibility or a reputation for dishonesty.

The NRA has developed a general reputation for credibility. Wayne LaPierre added much to that credibility when he said that it takes a "good guy with a gun" to stop "a bad guy with a gun".

The obvious truth of that statement is illustrated with each additional terrorist attack, be it a jihadist with a truck in Nice or one with a rifle in Orlando.

The Anti-Second Amendment plotters are a tiny percentage of the population. They are funded by those with deep pockets. That money can buy a lot of air time, and may sway critical voters in some elections.

Long term education is the key. An educated electorate does not fall for these word games.

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MA: AG Decides to Dictate Gun Law

image from masslive

The Attorney General of Massachusetts, Maura Healy, has decided that she can dictate law without recourse to the legislature or the courts.  She has decided to unilaterally change the definition of what is and is not an "assault weapon" in the law.

Crimes committed with all rifles are exeedingly rare in Massachusetts.  2014, is the lastest year we have records for in the FBI Uniform Crime Report. In 2014, no murders with rifles of any kind, let alone "assault weapons" were recorded in Massachusetts. 

Yes, you read correctly.  Zero.  Ziltch. Nada.  If there had been a single crime committed in Massachusetts with one of the rifles that AG Healy does not like, she would have shouted it to the world.  She did not. In 2014, there were 3 murders recorded with hands and feet, and 34 recorded with cutting instruments in the State of Massachusetts.

Before the ineffective Clinton "Assault Weapon" ban expired in 2004, Massachusetts enacted a virtually duplicate law at the state level.  There is no indication that the state law was any more effective than the failed Clinton law.  The law has been in force in Massachusetts for over 30 years now. 

But AG Maura Healy doesn't like the law.  She claims that it is not restrictive enough.  There have been virtually no problems with these firearms in Massachusetts, and minimal problems nationwide (there were only 248 murders committed with *all* rifles in 2014, out of 11,961 total murders. 

The state that had the most murders with rifles was California, with 40 in 2014. California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, particularly restrictive of so called "assault weapons". 

Healy could lobby the legislature to amend the law.  She might succeed.  Massachusetts is notoriously irrational when it comes to weapons laws.

But she is impatient.  She is not willing to use due process. From the
That will end now. On Wednesday, we are sending a directive to all gun manufacturers and dealers that makes clear that the sale of these copycat assault weapons is illegal in Massachusetts. With this directive, we will ensure we get the full protection intended when lawmakers enacted our assault weapons ban, not the watered-down version of those protections offered by gun manufacturers.

The directive specifically outlines two tests to determine what constitutes a “copy” or “duplicate” of a prohibited weapon. If a gun’s operating system is essentially the same as that of a banned weapon, or if the gun has components that are interchangeable with those of a banned weapon, it’s a “copy” or “duplicate,” and it is illegal. Assault weapons prohibited under our laws cannot be altered in any way to make their sale or possession legal in Massachusetts.
Her assertions are absurd. They could have been alleged anytime in the last 20 years.  They would have been thrown out of court because they do not describe what the law clearly states.  There is a reason that the silly "assault weapon" ban was sun set.  The academic research is clear.  It did nothing to measurably reduce crime, or crime with the particular rifles mentioned, in part because the numbers of those rifles used in crime were already incredibly low.  Any small, non-measurable reduction was offset by switching to other weapons that were not banned.

Healy's argument is absurd.  She states that the rifles she has an irrational distaste for have no use in civilian hands.
They are weapons used to commit mass murder. And they have no business being in civilian hands.
Then why are they in the hands of most police departments in the United States?
Police *are* civilians.  They are not military.  If they need these incredibly useful and versatile self defense tools, then so do responsible and peaceful citizens.

These type of rifles are particularly well suited for use by self organized citizen militias in time of societal break down. In America, citizens self organize in times of natural disaster or "man made" emergencies.

Healy is getting her 15 minutes of fame. There will likely be little followup when a court strikes down her dictatorial decree as unlawful.

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Draft NIJ Specifications for "Smart Gun" Released for Comments

In January of 2016, the office of the press secretary of the White House issued a memo directing the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security to promote research into "Smart Gun" technology. From the memo:
The Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security (departments) shall, to the extent practicable and permitted by law, conduct or sponsor research into gun safety technology that would reduce the frequency of accidental discharge or unauthorized use of firearms, and improve the tracing of lost or stolen guns.
The memo resulted in a report.  The report included a plan to implement the research asked for by President Obama.  The first part of the plan was for firearm experts to develop a draft list baseline specifications for service guns that would incorporate the advanced technologies.  From the report:
Step 1: Experts in firearms technology prepare draft list of specifications. As a first step, the federal government will assemble a team of experts in firearms technology to prepare a draft list of baseline specifications. Starting in April 2016, DOJ and DHS will convene a working group, led by NIJ and comprised of representatives from federal law enforcement agencies, to identify operational needs. As part of this process, the working group will engage with firearms experts at state and local law enforcement agencies, and will consult with other relevant stakeholders, such as firearms manufacturers. (This work will also build on an effort, already underway within DHS, to determine basic common requirements. 10) The working group intends to complete draft specifications by July 15, 2016.
The draft specifications(pdf) were completed on schedule and released on 15 July. Public comments may be made until 5 p.m. Eastern time on 13 September, 2016.
How to Respond and What to Include: The draft baseline specifications document can be found here: To submit comments, please send an email to Please indicate the page number, section number, and the line number associated with each comment. Comments may also be provided as a markup of the Word document. Please provide contact information with the submission of comments. Address comments to Mark Greene, Office of Science and Technology, National Institute of Justice.
The experts in the working group did a good job.  The produced a worthwhile document.  To illustrate their expertise, here are the requirements listed for the additional "smart gun" (they do not use that term) security device:
Pistols shall have an integrated “lock-out” security device as a permanent part of the pistol that disables the firing control system except when in the control of authorized individuals.

The security device shall be understood to include any externally worn items, such as rings, wristbands, or tokens that perform functions associated with the security device.

The security device shall include a programmable authorization system that can be set to allow one or more operators to fire the pistol.

The security device shall not inhibit the operator from firing in either hand, one-handed or two-handed, with and without gloves, in any orientation.

The security device shall not alter the normal operation of grasping and firing the pistol as a pistol of the same design that is not equipped with the security device.

The security device shall not increase the time required by the operator to grasp, draw from a holster, and fire the pistol as a pistol of the same design that is not equipped with the security device.

The security device shall not emit audible sounds or visible signals.

If the security device may be susceptible to electromagnetic interference, either intentional or unintentional, the device shall be equipped with countermeasure detection technology that permits the operator e susceptible to electromagnetic interference, either intentional or unintentional, the device shall be equipped with countermeasure detection technology that permits the operator to fire the gun when an attempt to block the authorization process is detected.

The security device shall covertly indicate when the pistol is ready to fire.

If the security device uses batteries, the batteries can be rechargeble but shall be replaceable.

Low power to the security device shall be indicated covertly with sufficient time to safely take action.

4.18.12 If the security device malfunctions, it shall default to a state to allow the pistol to fire.

The security device should be easy for an operator to quickly reset or disengage if there is a malfunction.
The specifications for pistols are much more comprehensive and detailed than the above.   My initial emailed comments were bounced back by the email server.
The address "" in the "To" field was not recognized. Please make sure that all addresses are properly formed.
It is likely a temporary glitch in the system.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

CO: Armed Employee Shoots Bear in Restaurant

Skico spokesman Jeff Hanle said the company had been in contact with Parks and Wildlife about the bear prior to Saturday’s incident, as well.

Employees tried to scare the bear away Saturday sometime between 7 and 8 a.m. with no success, he said.

“Eventually it charged our employees, and one of them was armed,” Hanle said, noting the worker had the firearms because the bear had shown aggression on previous visits.

Hanle said the bear broke through a locked door at the Sundeck.

“It had broken into a locked freezer before,” Hanle said. “It seemed adept at getting in.”
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OK: Police Chief OKs Personal Rifles for Officers

image from

After the Dallas police massacre, the Oklahoma City police union asked that officers be allowed to carry their personal rifles with them at work. From
Citing the deaths of five officers in Dallas last week, the Fraternal Order of Police has asked that Oklahoma City officers be allowed to carry their personal rifles and ammunition and be issued additional body armor.

A century ago, it was common for law officers to provide their own firearms. In many small departments, personal firearms are still the norm.  But the trend toward uniformity and liability lawsuits have pushed most departments to standardize on firearms, if for no other reason than standardized training.  At first, Police Chief Bill Citty refused the union request.  He said that there were enough rifles to go around. After the shootings in Baton Rouge, he changed his mind. From

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty now says officers will be able to carry their own rifles until the department can purchase additional weapons.

Chief Citty said in press conference Monday that he had changed his mind on the issue following Sunday's attack in Baton Rouge, La. that left three law enforcement officers dead and three injured."The threats are real," said Citty.
Officers will have to qualify with their own rifles, and use department issued ammunition.   The department currently has about 285 rifles for 520 officers.  The department is going to buy more rifles.  The police chief says the policy will be a temporary one. From
Citty says he wants to have control over those high-powered weapons, so the city will be purchasing rifles for the remaining officers in the field.

Until those guns arrive, officers will be able to carry their personal rifles, if the weapon is approved and they qualify.
The idea of officers having their own rifles has merit.  Personally owned arms have the advantage of supporting the idea of officers as citizens, instead of merely enforcers of the commands of those above them. People tend to take care of their own equipment better than something that belongs to a impersonal organization.  Inspections and qualifications can apply to personally owned arms as well as department owned arms.

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Close to Home DGU; .45 Revolver and Dog

A friend of mine had a Defensive Gun Use (DGU) a few days ago.

He had parked a bike near the front door, cable locked to a metal chair. It is a decent cable lock. The dog started alerting at the door, in the middle of day, during the week.  There was no knock or doorbell. My friend keeps odd hours.

My friend accessed his house gun, a S&W N frame model 28, that had been converted to .45 ACP.  The security door was locked.  He opened the inside door with his left hand, the .45 revolver in his right. In the entryway was a 16-18 year old young man with a shaved head and tattoos down his neck.  My friend is very observant, and had not seen this young man in the neighborhood before.

The young man was studying the bike, the lock, and the chair.  My friend held the revolver in the attitude shown in the picture.  You do not see more of him because he wishes to remain anonymous.  In the actual event, he was in the doorway, visible through the locked security door.

In fluent Spanish, he asked "May I help you?"

The tattooed youth looked up. He did not say anything.  My friend said that he did a very credible 100 yard dash.  My friend did not pursue.  There was no reason to pursue.  He never pointed the pistol at the youth.  He never threatened anyone.  He never reported the incident to police.  What was there to report? No crime had been committed, except perhaps trespassing.

In Arizona, you are allowed to threaten deadly force to prevent trespassing.  As the young man immediately left the property, it is unlikely a judge or jury would convict him of trespassing.  My friend had only asked him if he needed help.

This is a good approximation of the "typical" if there is such a thing, DGU.  No shots fired.  The mere presence of the firearm defused the situation.  If no firearm were present, the youth might have been emboldened to further action.

As it was, there was no physical confrontation.  It appears that a guilty conscience was sufficient to command flight.

It is not hard to believe that such incidents occur between  500,000 and 3 million times a year, as noted by the CDC in 2013 (pdf):
Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million (Kleck, 2001a), in the context of about 300,000 violent crimes involving firearms in 2008 (BJS, 2010).
There is no incentive, actually a negative incentive, to report an incident such as happened to my friend.  There is a small but real potential for it to bring trouble to him; there is almost no potential for it to prevent trouble for him. It is not an incident that would make even a local news cycle.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

NC: Armed man Shoots Robber, Robber Shoots Girlfriend, both Die

EASTOVER, N.C. (WNCN) – A woman and a robbery suspect were shot to death at a house early Sunday in Eastover as a homeowner and would-be thief got into a shootout during an attempted robbery, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said.
More Here

AR: Armed Realtor Holds Three Suspects for Police


A realtor preparing to show a Jonesboro house found three suspects inside the home and held them at gunpoint until police arrived.

It happened on Friday evening at a house in the 2800-block of Turtle Creek Drive.

The realtor told police she had been showing the house for months, and nobody was supposed to be there.
More Here

NC: Armed Employee Shoot Suspect Pointing Gun at Colleague

LUMBERTON - An employee at a Lumberton convenience store shot a would-be robber Friday as he held a weapon to a second employee's head.

It happened at A&B Mini Mart at 612 N. Roberts Ave. about 11 p.m., according to a release from the Lumberton Police Department.

More Here

Senator Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio, calls for a Suspension of the Rule of Law and Constitutional Rights

image from

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has revealed either a complete ignorance of the Constitution and the framework of government in America; or he is a lying panderer.  These are not exclusive possibilities.

Senator Brown called for a suspension of law and Constitutional rights.  Moreover, he apparently thought that this could be easily done on a whim. From
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Sen. Sherrod Brown has joined the call for Gov. John Kasich to suspend Ohio's open carry law during the Republican National Convention this week.

"I would hope that the governor would listen to the police union and suspend conceal and open carry in Ohio, in Cleveland, during this convention," Brown said in an appearance in Cincinnati, as reported by BuzzFeed.

"I know the governor could call a hurried special session, get the legislature to Columbus, like, tonight or tomorrow and do this."
But it becomes clear that either Senator (D) Brown is either ignorant, or simply lying and pandering to the police union:
"Ohio governors do not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or state laws as suggested. The bonds between our communities and police must be reset and rebuilt, as we're doing in Ohio, so our communities and officers can be safe.''

Article 1 of the Ohio Constitution specifically limits the right to suspend laws to the legislature: "No power of suspending laws shall ever be exercised, except by the general assembly."
In a sane society, this gaffe would be enough to insure that Senator (D) Brown, would never hold office again. He took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domenstic.  Senator Brown is not some minor Senator in the state legislature.  He is a United States Senator, one of only 100 people in perhaps the most powerful legislative bodies on the planet.  He is the senior Senator from Ohio, and has powerful positions on many important committees.

The suggestion that the governor suspend law and Constitutional rights on a whim, when there has not been the slightest reason to believe a state of emergency exists, shows that Senator Brown is unfit for office.

Senator Brown was first elected to public office in 1974, just after graduating from Yale.  His entire adult life has been either in public office or, concurrently, in academia.  He is far to the left of center, and is considered on the short list of Hillary Clinton's picks for the Vice President slot as of July 7th, 2016.

I do not believe that Senator Brown is ignorant of the Constitution. It is much more likely that he regards it as irrelevant or a minor obstacle to be overcome.

This makes him a very dangerous man.

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Kansas Gun Show Vendors Outnumber Protestors 20 to 1

A gun show in Wichita, Kansas, showed the disparity in Second Amendment supporters to those who seek a disarmed population.  On the Saturday morning of 16th  July, there were over 20 *vendors* who had rented tables for every protester.  There were over a hundred vendors and five, as pictured above, protesters.  From

Inside Century II Expo Hall today was a gun and knife show with more than 100 vendors selling firearms, knives and accessories.

Outside Century II, the Wichita Coalition Against Gun Violence held a vigil for those who have lost their lives in recent gun-related attacks.

Rev. Michael Poage is co-director of the Coalition. He says there are many reasons he wanted to hold a vigil at Century II today.

"Well one reason are the three flags at half mast back here," Poage said. "That's been the scene too often - too many killings. Too many guns, too many killings."

The number of people who attended the show was not reported.  I have attended many gun shows as a vendor, organizational representative, blog promoter or simple attendee.  In my opinion, attendees normally outnumber vendors by 20 to hundreds to one.  They have to for the vendors to make money.  Only a small percentage of the attendees buy from any vendor.  The ratio of attendees to protesters at this show was likely thousands to one.  

In the hundreds of shows that I have attended, I cannot recall a single protester. Of course, gun shows run all weekend; protestors tend to show up for a photo-op and leave.

Reverend Poage puts forward the primary false assumption of the people who want to disarm the population:
Too many guns, too many killings."
The assumption is that reducing the number of legal guns will reduce the number of illegal killings.  It is a false assumption.  The world does not work that way.  Everywhere that gun control has been put into effect, the murder rate has either gone up or, in at least one case, Australia's, been unaffected. 

The ratio of thousands of gun show attendees to gun show protesters shows why Kansas Second Amendment supporters have been so successful in restoring Second Amendment rights.  Kansas is where the "collective rights" argument about the Second Amendment was created, in the Kansas Supreme Court, in 1905, in the Salina v. Blakesley case.

A hundred years later, in 2005, Kansas changed from banning the concealed carry of arms altogether, to a shall issue concealed carry law.  1n 2015, just 10 years later, Kansas became a permitless or "Constitutional" carry state, where no permit was required to carry either openly or concealed.

Much of the organizing and education required for that change happened and was facilitated by gun shows.  It is easy to see why those who want a disarmed public are so motivated to destroy gun shows.  They have become a political force multiplier.

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LA: Gun Beats Machete in Baton Rouge

A Baton Rouge man retrieved a machete and began swinging it during an argument Friday night, only to retreat when the other man pulled out a gun and began firing, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office reported.

More Here

KY: Domestic Defense Ex-boyfriend Shot, Killed

There was an active restraining order.

According to the Grayson County Sheriff's Department, dispatchers received a call on Saturday around 9:22 p.m. from a woman advising that her ex-boyfriend, 43-year-old Patrick Dewayne Decker of Leitchfield, "had busted in her front door and caused her to fire several shots at him when he entered her home."

Officials say Decker came to her residence and began banging on the windows and doors, eventually kicking in the door and entering her home. The woman then fired several shots at him, according to police. Decker ran a couple hundred feet towards his parent's residence before collapsing in the driveway. The sheriff's department said it appeared that Decker was shot in the chest at least one time.
More Here

Followup MI: One of three Shot in Home Invasion

JACKSON, MI – The last time someone broke into Richard Snyder's Jackson home, the perpetrator beat him, leaving him with fractured cheek bones and bruised ribs.

This time, Snyder shot at the intruders who broke down his front door early Sunday, July 17.

"His life was in danger," said Snyder's son, Joseph Snyder, 34, as he stood in the yard outside the house they share on N. Waterloo Street, south of Ganson Street.

More Here

KS: Burglary/Home Invader Shot

The 65-year-old man claimed that he heard noise outside and walked around the house to investigate. When he came back inside, he allegedly saw the younger man (who was apparently burglarizing the house) wrestling with the elderly resident. He then shot the alleged burglar.
More Here

MA: Drunken Teens Attempt Break in. 1 Shot, Homeowner Charged

Massachusetts has a very weak "castle doctrine" law.  It provides for a defense that can be hard to prove.  It may provide little protection for the homeowner in this case.

Three young males, at least two of which had been drinking, approach a dwelling and pound on the door.  The door is locked. The resident "tried to communicate".  At least one continues to pound on the door.  The resident calls 911 to report an attempted break in. Someone (presumably the person pounding on the door)  breaks out some glass.  The resident, fearing a home invasion, fires through the door, striking a 15 year old suspect who later dies.  The resident is charged with murder. From
"It was determined that three parties went to the residence believing it to be (the home of) a friend. One party, the victim, was banging on the outside door, when the homeowner shot through the door, striking the male," Wilk said.

Investigators found the victim and a friend were drinking alcohol at a nearby home. The two friends were confused while walking in the neighborhood and believed they had arrived at the home of another friend, said James Leydon, spokesman for Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni, said.

Lovell, the homeowner, tried to communicate with the victim, who was still knocking on the locked door, Leydon said.

"When a pane of glass broke, the suspect fired a single shot, striking the victim," Leydon said.
Notice the way the article is written after the fact.  The homeowner could not know that the people who were breaking in were drunk and disoriented.  He "tried to communicate", but they persisted to the point of breaking glass.

The article even goes so far s to use the passive voice "when a pane of glass broke".   Why not: When a pane a glass was broken?  If the victim did not intend to break the glass, I would expect some pretty heavy pounding on the door to cause a pane of glass to "break".

Note that the 15 year old was already engaged in illegal activity, underage drinking.   But in Massachusetts, there is no presumption that some one breaking into your home reasonably puts you in fear for your life.  You have to prove that.

Comments at the article indicate that the 15 year old shot may have a history.  From the comments:
Springfield 61 10 hours ago

Some of us know those kids. Assuming they weren't to be feared is a blind statement. They were under the influence, walking down the street yelling and not only continued to bang on the door but apparently broke the glass. The homeowner did call 911 to report the attempted break in. Any one of us could have been that homeowner and could very well fear for our safety. I'm not saying that the homeowner should have shot a gun but again we weren't there. For the people who assume 15 year old kids aren't to be feared haven't been around today's youth. People don't know their backgrounds and there is more to the story than has been reported. It is still under investigation.
The Massachusetts castle doctrine is stated at this site:
Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 278, Section 8(a): In the prosecution of a person who is an occupant of a dwelling charged with killing or injuring one who was unlawfully in said dwelling, it shall be a defense that the occupant was in his dwelling at the time of the offense and that he acted in the reasonable belief that the person unlawfully in said dwelling was about to inflict great bodily injury or death upon said occupant or upon another person lawfully in said dwelling, and that said occupant used reasonable means to defend himself or such other person lawfully in said dwelling. There shall be no duty on said occupant to retreat from such person unlawfully in said dwelling.
Compare it to  the law in Colorado, CS 18-1-704.5:
18-1-704.5. Use of deadly physical force against an intruder.

(1) The general assembly hereby recognizes that the citizens of Colorado have a right to expect absolute safety within their own homes.

(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 18-1-704, any occupant of a dwelling is justified in using any degree of physical force, including deadly physical force, against another person when that other person has made an unlawful entry into the dwelling, and when the occupant has a reasonable belief that such other person has committed a crime in the dwelling in addition to the uninvited entry, or is committing or intends to commit a crime against a person or property in addition to the uninvited entry, and when the occupant reasonably believes that such other person might use any physical force, no matter how slight, against any occupant.

(3) Any occupant of a dwelling using physical force, including deadly physical force, in accordance with the provisions of subsection (2) of this section shall be immune from criminal prosecution for the use of such force.

(4) Any occupant of a dwelling using physical force, including deadly physical force, in accordance with the provisions of subsection (2) of this section shall be immune from any civil liability for injuries or death resulting from the use of such force.
I recall a similar case in Colorado, where a drunk was dropped off at the wrong house.  As in this case, the homeowner called police.  As in this case the homeowner told the drunk to leave.  As in this case, a window was broken, and that is when the homeowoner fired and killed the drunken man.  In that case, the drunk was said to be reaching inside.  I do not know if that happened in the Massachusetts case.

The Colorado prosecutor determined that the homeowner was justified, and no charges were filed against him.  Under Massachusetts law, the homeowner is allowed a defense after charges are filed.  He also faces civil liability.  In the Massachusetts case, the homeowner is in for a rough ride, and may end up impoverished and bankrupt.

Know the specific laws in your state.  

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Censorship in Columbia SC, Political Pressure Takes Down Gun Billboard

FN Manufacturing rented advertising space in the Columbia, SC Airport. The Richland-Lexington Airport District approved the billboard. It didn't see anything inappropriate about the ad. Twenty percent of the travelers through the airport are soldiers. Then the political pressure started.
Columbia Metropolitan Airport has removed a billboard-sized advertisement of a firearms manufacturer from its concourse.
The decision comes a day after The State newspaper reported the ad, featuring eight firearms from FN Manufacturing, upset some travelers. It touted, “Yeah, we carry.”
“I pulled in the commission, and really, they felt that given the negative feedback that it’d probably be better to bring it down,” said Dan Mann, executive director of the airport.
Politicians and political activists are noted as objecting to the billboard:
Columbia Major Steve Benjamin, who spotted the ad while at the airport Friday morning, said the banner with the multiple firearms wasn’t appropriate given its location.
Anti-Second Amendment activist and poet Nikky Finney chimed in:
Finney said it’s time for all segments of the nation to come together and talk about gun violence. It’s also time to find ways to make the nation a better place for young black people and police officers, she said.
FN’s ad, which was more obscene than insensitive, doesn’t allow that type of conversation to happen, Finney said. She was disappointed the other two ads didn’t come down as well.
"Obscenity" is something that anti-Second Amendment activists have tried to tar images of guns with before. As long as 30 years ago, I read of the anti-rights activists claiming that images of guns were "obscene." It's a clear attempt to circumvent the First Amendment and paint even images of guns as being beyond the pale.

State Senator Marian Kimpson joined the chorus. From
“While legally they may have a right to advertise in the way that they did, it is inappropriate and sends the wrong message as a welcome to our capital city, particularly in light of the recent occurrences of in our nation and state,” said Kimpson, a Columbia native.
The South Carolina representative of the anti-rights group Moms Demand Action approved.
“This ad is really in your face,” Dessau said. “Welcome to South Carolina, we carry these types of weapons that look like military weapons designed to kill a lot of people? It’s not a very welcoming message.”
Dessau is the S.C. chapter leader for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a gun-control group that calls for keeping firearms out of the “wrong hands.” She said she would expect to see a banner like that on a military base. But at the airport was “borderline provocation.”
Dessau could have championed the First Amendment, but she didn't. It appears that the First Amendment is easily sacrificed if it is used to support the Second Amendment.

These sort of attacks on the First Amendment rights of Second Amendment supporters are common. California is being sued for forbidding the image of a handgun outside of gun shops.

Alan Korwin faced a similar issue in Phoenix, when the City took down gun safety signs that they had agreed to and placed at bus stops. He eventually won in court on First Amendment grounds.

Several other cities have attempted to restrict ads for firearms or firearms training. It is straight up censorship through political pressure. The politicians and anti-rights acivists are proclaiming that Second Amendment rights are not legitimate. I don't know if FN will fight this, but they should.

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Governor Kasich Says No to Unconstitutional Ban on Open Carry, Violation of Oath

The head of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association has asked Governor Kasich to suspend the Constitution, declare an emergency, or somesuch, in order to ban the legal open carry of firearms in Cuyahoga County for the period of the Republican convention. Fortunately, Kasich understands the limits of government power.  There is no authority for him to do this.  There is no emergency.  There is no indication that the open carry of firearms threatens the police.  In a Fox television interview, retired Lt. of Police, Steve Rogers says that police live are at risk.  He does not say why or how. From
Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s office rebuffed a call Sunday from the Cleveland police union to ban the open carry of firearms during the Republican National Convention, in the wake of the deadly shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge.

FOX 8 reported earlier that Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association, is asking Kasich to prohibit open carry this week in Cuyahoga County, which surrounds Cleveland.
There were upwards of 20 open carriers in Texas at the Black Lives Matter protest march.  A hidden sniper killed five police officers.  None of the open carry marchers had anything to do with the shooting. So why is retired Lt. Rogers growing fantatic about the supposed risk?

Hard to say.  A hundred years ago, a group of black people who openly carried guns would likely not have been tolerated in Cleveland.  A hundred years ago, it was white people who were openly racist.  That has all changed.  Today it is Democrats who say black people should not be armed.  Funny, it was Democrats who said they should not be armed a hundred years ago.

The Governor took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  So did the Cleveland police.  The police chief in Cleveland might remind them of that fact.

I predict that there will not be any problems with open carry and the Republican convention.  The police will be vigilant, and that is a positive thing.  But they will not be unconstitutionally disarming people of any color.

It is not only guns, but digital recording devices that will be protecting Constitutional rights in Cleveland.

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MI: 2A Groups File Lawsuit to lift Ban on Firearms at DeVos Place Convention Center

In March of 2016, members of Michigan Open Carry (MOC) and Michigan Gun Owners (MGO) were manning a booth that they had rented in the DeVos Place Convention Center. They were openly carrying holstered pistols, which has never been against the law in Michigan, except for a small number of restricted areas.  While people with concealed carry permits may not carry a concealed firearm into a school, they may openly carry a holstered pistol there.  They can openly carry holstered pistols into the State Capitol.

 Late in the day on 11 March, the members of MGO and MOC were approached by unarmed security at the Convention Center and asked to disarm or leave.  They were threatened with tresspass.  The Convention Center is public property.  Michigan has a strong firearms preemption law that prevents local governments from infringing on Second Amendment rights.  From
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich- Advocates of Michigan Open Carry and Michigan Gun Owners have filed a lawsuit against DeVos Place Convention Center and its management company, after being thrown out of the facility in March 2016.

Attorneys for Michigan Open Carry tell FOX 17 they had a gun at their leased booth during the Women’s Expo in an effort to educate woman about protection and personal safety. The lawsuit claims, DeVos Place asked them to remove the weapon, saying the gun violates their policy. Attorneys also say their clients were told police would be called, and that they would be charged with trespassing if they didn’t comply
The DeVos Place Convention center is run by the Grand Rapids-Kent County Convention/Arena Authority (CAA).  The CAA hired a management corporation SMG holdings, to manage the Convention Center.  It was SMG employees that threatened trespass action if the MOC and MGO members did not disarm.  The CAA claims that they have a policy that forbids the carry of or possession of weapons in the Convention Center.  The CAA website for the properties it manages now contains this notice. From
Weapons Probited: Weapons include, but are not limited to, the following: firearms, explosives, stun guns, handcuffs, brass knuckles, sticks, clubs, batons, martial arts instruments, pepper spray, tear gas, knives, etc. Guests found in possession of the above-mentioned items will be asked to remove the item from the arena or dispose of it. Guests who refuse to comply will be ejected from the arena and may be subject to arrest.
MOC and MGO requested the policy under which the SMG and CAA derived their authority to restrict the rights of Michigan residents to carry arms in this publicly owned property.  The CAA and SMG administrations refused.

The MOC and MGO have filed suit against the CAA and SMG, alleging that the CAA and SMG acted unlawfully to deny them their contracted for space, and to threaten them with tresspass for an offence that they do not have the authority to create.

The lawsuit was filed in early July.  The suit asks the court to issue an order to CAA and SMG to cease from their unlawful activities that create firearms law or regulation not allowed by state law. They also ask for reimbursement for the members of MOC and MGO's time at the Convention Center, and for court costs and attorney's fees.

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Conversation opened. 1 read message.

Followup NC: Landon Henry Shooter found Justified; May have been a domestic/love triangle

ASHEVILLE - A North Asheville resident, who shot and killed a 20-year-old man, will not face charges in that death, the Buncombe County district attorney said Friday.

Landon Roberts Henry was fatally shot in the chest and arm in the early morning hours of July 3, at an apartment in the 100 block of Orchard Road.

The man who lives at the address met Asheville police officers outside the residence when they responded to a 911 call. He identified himself as the shooter and handed over a gun, according to a search warrant filed by investigators.

Henry, fatally wounded in the living room, was declared dead at the scene.

More Here

KY: Armed Resident Shoots Suspected Intruder

Neighbors said they don't blame the homeowner for pulling the trigger.

"He's not dead. The house is protected. He is incapacitated. I can't say anything negative about that. He was protecting his home, which he had every reason to believe that was going to be dangerous," Lovins said.
More Here

WA: Fatal Shooting by Bail Bondsman likely Justified

A bail bondsman won’t face charges for fatally shooting the mother of a suspect he was trying to apprehend in April, the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office said Friday.

The bondsman shot 60-year-old Kathryn New after she pointed a pistol at him April 13 at her Graham home, investigators said.

Prosecutors decided not to file charges because they didn’t think they’d be able to successfully counter the bondsman’s self-defense claim if the case went to trial.

Read more here:

More Here

Followup OH: Suspect IDed in Home Invasion Gunfight


A suspect died and a resident suffered serious injuries when an attempted home invasion robbery ended in gunfire early Friday, Cincinnati police said

Officers responded to a report of a shooting with multiple victims at an apartment in the 2300 block of West North Bend Road at 3:30 a.m.

When they arrived, they found two men with gunshot wounds, said Lt. Chris Ruehmer, the night chief.

The resident, 26, exchanged gunfire with three masked suspects who were all armed, said Lt. Steve Saunders.
More Here

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Truth not an Option with Black Lives Matter

Everyone agrees that the Commercial Appeal headline is accurate.  But Black Lives Matter activists forced the paper to issue an apology for the truth.  It is worth knowing that Memphis, Tennessee, where the paper is located, is 63% black.  The paper is part of the USA Today group, which is well known for its "progressive" viewpoint. From

“Gunman targeted whites,” read the lead story headline in the Commercial Appeal, a member of the USA Today network. The headline was accurate, as Dallas gunman Micah Xavier Johnson explicitly talked about wanted to kill white police officers before he was eliminated via robot bomb.

That didn’t stop protestors from gathering outside the paper’s office in downtown Memphis on Wednesday to express their displeasure, some holding signs that read “Black Lives Matter.”
 Even though the paper is in a majority black city, it is shocking that it apologised for putting the truth in a headline.  It is as if the truth does not matter to the Black Lives Matter group, which has banned white people from its meetings.  Many BLM matter protests have featured chants calling for the death of police.  BLM has actively rejected the idea that "All Lives Matter".

Black Lives Matter activists seem to be taking on the role of the street thugs of the "Progressive" movement in the United States.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

SC: Great Grandpa Fires Shot wtih .25, Suspect Drops Cash, Flees

Police say the suspect. who was armed with a gun, demanded a cash box. The owner said the suspect could take the box, which he did, and ran out of the store.

However, the owner followed picked up his .25 pistol, followed the suspect out of the store, and fired one round into the air. That started the suspect, who dropped the box and ran into a nearby vehicle, which then left the scene.
More Here

TX: Real Gun Beats BB Gun; Robber Shot and Killed

Atkins put a bag on the counter and told the cashier to put money in the bag. Police said the cashier reached for a gun that is kept in the store and Atkins pulled a gun from his waistband. The cashier fired and hit Atkins in the chest. Atkins fell into the doorway with his gun in his hand. Detectives later determined Atkins’ gun was a BB gun.
More Here

Followup OR: Dog Harrassing Turkeys Shot; Shooter Justified

A dog "just barking" at turkeys, can easily panic them into severely injuring themselves.  The turkeys owner had already lost several of them.

Deputies say the shooting is justified. Under the law, any dog not under control of its owner that "kills, wounds, or injures any livestock not belonging to the master of such dog, is a public nuisance and may be killed immediately by any person."

More Here

Followup GA: No Charges for Jewelry Store Employee who Shot, Killed Robbery Suspect

Atlanta, GA -- A Buckhead jewelry store employee who shot and killed a suspected robber last week will not face any charges.

Police said the incident took place on July 6 at Cachet Fine Jewelry when a man identified as Michael Robbins, 20, entered the store around 2:30 pm armed with a handgun. The employee -- who is the son of the store owner -- told police he shot Robbins in self-defense.
More Here

KY: Burglar Shoots Dog, Armed Homeowner Captures Him at Gunpoint

Sheffield entered the home with his gun drawn and came face to face with Jones, who had a machete in hand.

"He hesitated for a second, and I said, ‘Go down, or your dead.’ And he said, ‘Alright, alright, alright,’” Sheffield said.

Sheffield then held Jones at gunpoint while he called 911 and waited until police arrive.
More Here

SC: Victim Disarm, No One Shot

The female victim’s husband and his co-worker entered the home a short time later, at which point one of the suspects pistol-whipped the husband in the back of the head and told him to “get down,” the report states. The female victim’s husband grabbed a pistol from the living room and ran to a back bedroom where two of the suspects were beating the 17-year-old, but the third suspect hit him multiple times in the head as he was aiming the gun at them.

Read more here:
More Here

AR: Resident Wounded, 1 of 3 Intruders Killed

The injured man told police three men broke into the apartment on East 36th Street and he began struggling with one of the intruders, who was armed.

In that struggle, the man who lived in the apartment was shot in the arm. The report described his injuries as minor. The intruder, whose name has not been released, was fatally shot.
More Here

MT: Beekeeper Shoots Raiding Bear

A Shields Valley bee producer on Wednesday shot and killed a black bear that had been raiding his hives.
More Here

MI:Stabbing ruled Justified in Munising

MUNISING (WLUC) 19-year-old Mason Bernard will not be charged in the Munising stabbing incident.

According to the Alger County Prosecutor, during a mutual fight it became necessary for suspect to defend himself and he didn’t exceed his right to use self-defense.
More Here

Nice Truck Windshield Bullet Hole Speculation

Better image of bullet holes substituted, article revised to reflect better image

 In this image of the truck used in the attack in Nice, France, you can easily count the bullet holes.
I count 29 bullet holes in the windshield. The driver's position on this truck is on the right side of the picture.   In France, people drive on the right side of the road, as in most of the rest of the world.

The bullet holes are decidedly biased to the left hand side.  The shooter was probably in front of the truck  on the passenger side, aiming his shots toward the drivers position.

I suspect that the shooter used a rifle.  The shots seem reasonable well spaced, as if attempting to reach the driver as he might take cover within the cab, or as the angle of the line of fire changed as the truck moved.  The event happened quickly. The number of shots on the windsheild are well within the standard 30 shot capacity of a current French FAMAS G2.  It is also within the 30 round capacity of Mini-14 variants used by some French police, though they are often seen with 20 round magazines.

There are five bullet holes on the drivers side door.  The placement suggests that those were done with a pistol. 

The placement of the shots on the windshield implies a rifle shooter taking aimed shots. 

The NYTimes reports that the driver was found shot to death in the passenger seat of the truck.

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Nice Truck Windshield Bullet Hole Speculation

 In this image of the windshield of the truck used in the attack in Nice, France, you can easily count the bullet holes.  There are some that are doubtful.  The blue arrows point to items that are probably not bullet holes.  They appear square.  I do not detect a hole in the center, or cracks radiating from them.

I count between 20 and 23 bullet holes.  They seem to be fairly uniform.  The driver's position on this truck is on the right side of the picture.   In France, people drive on the right side of the road, as in most of the rest of the world.

The bullet holes are decidedly biased to the left hand side.  The shooter was probably in front of the truck  on the passenger side, aiming his shots toward the drivers position.

I suspect that the shooter used a rifle.  The shots seem reasonable well spaced, as if attempting to reach the driver as he might take cover within the cab, or as the angle of the line of fire changed as the truck moved.  The event happened quickly. The number of shots on the windsheild are well within the standard 30 shot capacity of a current French FAMAS G2 or the older FAMAS 25 round F1.  It is also within the 30 round capacity of Mini-14 variants used by some French police, though they are often seen with 20 round magazines.

The placement of the shots on the windshield implies a rifle shooter taking aimed shots.  The last shots were likely placed through one of the doors.  It has been reported that the driver was shot as he attempted to exit the truck, after the truck had stopped.  A correspondent reports that there was a slight pause and a single, final shot.

Update: the NYTimes reports that the driver was found shot to death in the passenger seat of the truck.

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